Welcome to the University of Toronto Libraries Remote Lab

This service provides remote access to Library Computer Access Facility (CAF) computers. You will be required to log in with your UTORid and password to reserve and connect to the computer.

Reservations begin immediately and provide access for 8 hours. If you do not log in within 15 minutes, your reservation will expire.

To connect to these computers, you will require:

  1. UTORvpn access
    See the Information Commons Help Desk: UTORvpn section for links to software download and installation instructions.

    Please note: The RemoteLab is now accessible from workstations within Robarts and Gerstein without requiring UTORvpn.
    Licensed GIS applications in the Map and Data Library can now be accessed by users physically in the Libraries.

  2. A Remote Desktop Protocol client
    See the Microsoft Docs: Remote Desktop clients page for links to software downloads and installation instructions.

For more assistance, see our frequently asked questions

Proceed to reserve and connect to a computer