RemoteLab: Frequently Asked Questions

Which applications are available on RemoteLab computers?

RemoteLab computers all have the same standard complement of applications installed. These applications include:

  • Productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365, LibreOffice, and Scribus
  • Design tools such as Gimp, Inkscape, and Krita
  • AV software such as Audacity, OpenShot, and Handbrake
  • GIS software such as ArcGIS, QGIS, and Google Earth Pro
  • Data Analysis software such as PSPP, RStudio, and Tableau Public
  • Accessibility software such as Kurzweil 3000

Every computer in a particular RemoteLab Pool has the same set of applications.

Some computer pools have additional applications, either licensed by or specific to the mandate of the hosting library. These differences can are detailed in the pool description.

When can I use my computer reservation?

Computers are immediately usable once they have been reserved. Reservations will expire if you do not log in within 15 minutes, but otherwise last 8 hours.

It is not possible to reserve computers for later times and dates.

Why am I prompted "The publisher of this remote connection can't be identified..." when I try to connect?

This behaviour is expected with our environment.

The RDP file is configured to make a connection to the IP address of the remote computer because most of our computers don't have public DNS records.
The certificate offered when the remote connection is made doesn't include IP addresses in its subject and therefore can't be associated with the target address.

What should I do when my Remote Desktop Client can't connect to a reserved computer?

There may be a problem with the computer that has been reserved for you.
Please cancel the reservation and create a new reservation. Confirm you have been assigned a new computer.
The RemoteLab service performs a series of basic functionaliy checks before reserving a specific computer for you, but it cannot test the RDP service itself. We monitor for failed and abandoned reservations, but if you have an opportunity to tell us about failures to connect, it would be appreciated.

Otherwise, if you are unable to connect to a couple different computers, confirm your UTORvpn connection is still active and that your computer or network isn't blocking RDP (TCP/3389) traffic.

What should I do when my Remote Desktop Client disconnects and I need access to the same computer?

You may experience a network or computer problem that may disconnect or terminate a session.
Should you need to reconnect to the same computer to retrieve some data, please review your Recent Reservations and find the reservation that was disconnected.
If the computer is available, you can reserve it again. If it is in use, you will need to attempt a connection later.
We attempt to cache user files for recovery purposes for up to 5 days.

Which operating systems are supported?

Any operating system should work with this service if it:

  1. can connect to the UTORvpn service
    See the Information Commons Help Desk: UTORvpn section for links to software download and installation instructions.
  2. has a Remote Desktop Protocol client
    See the Microsoft Docs: Remote Desktop clients page for links to software downloads and installation instructions.

Windows 8.1+, MacOS, and various Linux distributions have been confirmed to work. Android and iOS devices should work with appropriate apps.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Questions and feedback can be submitted via the RemoteLab Feedback form (login is required).
However, we can also respond to questions via the Information Commons Operations team e-mail.